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This platform enables users to lookup the frequency of n-grams in all MSR-accepted research papers.
Adbc is a small and lightweight library that adds support for Design by Contract to the AspectJ programming language. Downloads Source code (GitHub)
Software is an ever-changing entity and frequently executed unit tests are the primary means to increase the confidence that the changed system continues to work as expected. Executing an entire test...
 TestView is a reverse engineering tool that focuses on test suite exploration. It helps developers to locate test cases in a system's (hierarchical) decomposition, reveals test cases' intent...
version 1.0 (November, 2007) The ADT profile, a UML profile for modeling the data-structure related aspects of an application, supports global data-structure optimization activities at the modeling...
version 1.0 (April, 1rst 2004) Turns java programs (.class or .jar files) into famix files. Famix files then can be loaded into the MOOSE reengineering tool suite, which among others comprises...
MoTMoT stands for Model driven, Template based, Model Transformer. It is a compiler from visual model transformations to repository manipulation code. The compiler takes models conforming to a UML...
DM lab (delMDSOC lab) is a framework suited for the analysis and verification of object-oriented programs that support modularized crosscutting concerns. (e.g. programs written in aspect-, context-...
A tool chain for C++ and Java fact extraction. Fetch consists of open-source tools only, targetting the exploration of large (C++) software systems for (i) dependency analysis; (ii) pattern detection...
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version 1.0 (April, 13 of 2004) The session concerns the refactoring of a system which simulates a Local Area Network.