Capita Selecta Software Engineering (1st and 2nd Ma)

Serge Demeyer


Who ?

  • Students: Master Computer Science - Software Engineering
  • Period: 1st semester 2018-2019
When ? Where ?
  • Wednesday afternoon; 13:45 — 18:00 — CMI room G.016
  • Precise timing depends; see Detailed Program

Contact Information

Contact Universiteit Antwerpen:
Prof. Serge Demeyer []


This course deals with a variety of topics, selected based upon the state-of-the-art in software engineerig research. Depending on the topic, students must perform an assignment (project, research paper, experiment) which will be used to decide on the grade. 


  • You have the knowledge, skills and attitude which might be expected from a graduate student in computer science.
    • You have profound experience with programming in an object-oriented language (e.g. C++, Java)
    • You are capable of reading and interpreting a design written down in the most commonly used design notations (UML, statecharts, ...)
    • You can demonstrate deep knowledge concerning the formal foundations of computer science (logics, algorithms, complexity theory, finite automata)
    • You obtained an overview of some of the basic disciplines within computer science (databases, telecommunication, distributed systems)
  • You have a vivid interest in Software Engineering.


  • You will be aware of recent developments in the field of software engineering.
  • You will be able to follow the rapidly expanding literature in our field.

Route Instructions

    University of Antwerp
    campus Middelheim - room G005
    Middelheimlaan 1
    2020 Antwerpen

For those of you coming by car and in need need of a map, look at

For those of you coming by bus, we created a detailed guided tour about how to get from Berchem station to our campus. In textual form it goes like this. Take Bus 32 (Rooseveltplaats-Edegem) and get of at "Koninklijke laan". (See also You should count on 10 to 15 minutes from the Berchem Railway Station to campus Middelheim. Depending on the hour you start the bus comes every 10 minutes.

ROUTE DETAILS BY BUS: You should take the bus into the direction of "Edegem" and you will have to get of at "Koninklijke laan" (although you are in the floralienlaan then). To get a feeling where this is: (a) once you passed through Antwerpen-Berchem [which is the 2nd railway station in Antwerp] (b) after driving through a street full of shops, (c) the bus takes a left turn to come upon a bigger road with a tramway, (d) crosses a big road intersection with lots of traffic lights, (e) drives over a bridge crossing the highway, (f) then takes two right turns before (g) passing a cemetery on the left hand side. If you see the cemetery, ring the bell to ask the bus driver to stop, because right after the next left turn you will have to get off. You see the university buildings right behind the bus stop.


The exam part usually takes the form of a lab report where you explain the experimental set-up and results of a small scale empiricial investigation you conducted.