ADT Profile

version 1.0 (November, 2007)

The ADT profile, a UML profile for modeling the data-structure related aspects of an application, supports global data-structure optimization activities at the modeling level.

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The ADT profile is implemented using MagicDraw UML 12.1 (, a visual UML 2 modeling and CASE tool that is widely adopted in the software industry. MagicDraw supports the XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) 2.1 standard for the distribution of UML profiles and UML user models. This ADT profile is available in XML format for import and ready for use in other UML 2 compliant modeling tools.

This report gives an overview of the structure of the ADT profile, discusses the new ADT-specific modeling concepts in detail and illustrates them with clarifying examples.


Written by Marijn Temmerman.