BENEVOL 2017 - Agenda


(BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution symposium)




  • University of Antwerp, Belgium.
    Stadscampus - Hof van Liere
    2nd Floor — Albrecht Dürezaal & Frederik de Tassiszaal
    Prinsstraat 13
    2000 Antwerp

About the programme

BENEVOL features papers in two categories: position papers (about early research and work in progress where presenters want some feedback from the community) and publication summaries (overview of research results already published or ready to be submitted to a conference or a journal).

All papers will be presented in 20 minutes with a subsequent 10 minutes of questions.

Publication summaries will be assigned an opponent who challenges the research presented an goes into a debate with the presenter.

Pre-Proceedings. All papers can collectively be downloaded from a single ZIP archive



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Monday, December 4th 2017

  • 10:30 11:00 Registration
  •  11:00 11:15 Opening and Welcome
    • Prof. Serge Demeyer, Ali Parsai, Gulsher Laghari, Brent van Bladel
  • 11:15 12:00 Keynote (Session Chair: Ali Parsai)
  • 12:00 12:30 -- Lunch
  • 12:30 14:00 Ecosystems (Session Chair: Ward Muylaert)
    • 1. Tom Mens, Bram Adams and Josianne Marsan; 'Towards an interdisciplinary, socio-technical analysis of software ecosystem health' [Position Paper]
    • 2. Eleni Constantinou and Tom Mens; 'Automatic link extraction: The good, the bad and the ugly in software ecosystem mining' [Publication Summary; Opponent: Serge Demeyer]
    • 3. Ahmed Zerouali; 'An Empirical Study of Popularity and Quality in NPM Packages' [Publication Summary; Opponent: Coen De Roover]
  • 14:00 14:15 -- Coffee
  • 14:15 15:45 Human Aspects (Session Chair: Henrique Rocha)
    • 4. Alexander Serebrenik; 'Position Paper: Emotional Labor of Software Engineers' [Position Paper]
    • 5. Fabio Palomba, Alexander Serebrenik and Andy Zaidman; 'Social Debt Analytics for Improving the Management of Software Evolution Tasks' [Position Paper]
    • 6. Felipe Ebert, Fernando Castor, Nicole Novielli and Alexander Serebrenik; 'Confusion Detection in Code Reviews' [Publication Summary; Opponent: Gregorio Robles]
  • 15:45 16:00 -- Coffee
  • 16:00 18:00 Enterprise (Session Chair: Serge Demeyer)
    • 7. Mercy Njima and Serge Demeyer; 'Evolution of Software Product Development in Startup Companies' [Position Paper]
    • 8. Cosmin Tomozei, Iulian Furdu and Simona Varlan; 'GIS SDKs dynamics echoed by social requirements transformations' [Position Paper]
    • 9. Gururaj Maddodi and Slinger Jansen; 'Responsive Software Architecture Patterns for Workload Variations: A Case-study in a CQRS-based Enterprise Application' [Position Paper]
    • 10. Julien Delplanque; 'Software Engineering Issues in RDBMS, a Preliminary Survey' [Position Paper]

Tuesday, December 5th 2017

  •  9:00 10:30 Static Analysis (Session Chair: Fabio Palomba)
    • 11. Maarten Vandercammen and Coen De Roover; 'Employing Run-time Static Analysis to Improve Concolic Execution' [Position Paper]
    • 12. Noah Van Es, Maarten Vandercammen, Quentin Stiévenart, Jens Nicolay and Coen De Roover; 'Incrementalizing Abstract Interpretation' [Position Paper]
    • 13. Quentin Stiévenart, Jens Nicolay, Wolfgang De Meuter and Coen De Roover; 'Modular Static Analysis of Actor Programs' [Publication Summary; Opponent: Mircea Lungu]
  • 10:30 10:45 -- Coffee
  • 10:45 12:15 Tools (Session Chair: Csaba Nagy)
    • 14. Rodin Aarssen and Jurgen Vinju; 'Towards a generic framework for analyzing C++ in Rascal' [Position Paper]
    • 15. Laurent Christophe, Coen De Roover and Wolfgang De Meuter; 'Drizzt: Dynamic Analysis of Distributed JavaScript Applications' [Position Paper]
    • 16. Mircea Lungu and Vasilios Andrikopoulos; 'A Low-Effort Analytics Platform for Visualizing Evolving Flask-Based Python Web Services' [Publication Summary; Opponent: Andy Zaidman]
  • 12:15 13:00 -- Lunch
  • 13:00 14:45 Languages (Session Chair: Eleni Constantinou)
    • 17. Jose Javier Merchante Picazo and Gregorio Robles; 'From Python to Pythonic: A study of Python idioms' [Position Paper]
    • 18. Ward Muylaert and Coen De Roover; 'Untangling Source Code Changes Using Program Slicing' [Position Paper]
    • 19. Tim Molderez, Coen De Roover and Wolfgang De Meuter; 'Towards a Domain-Specific Language for Automated Network Management' [Position Paper]
    • 20. Christian Couto, Henrique Rocha and Ricardo Terra; 'Quality-oriented Move Method Refactoring' [Position Paper]
  • 14:45 15:00 -- coffee
  • 15:00 16:45 Software Engineering (Session Chair: Tim Molderez)
    • 21. Gema Rodriguez Perez, Jesús M. Gonzalez-Barahona and Gregorio Robles; 'Understanding a Bug Introduction Change: The First Failing Commit and the Check Test.' [Position Paper]
    • 22. Marco di Biase, Magiel Bruntink and Arie van Deursen; 'Automatic classification of software issues via code maintainability metrics' [Publication Summary; Opponent: Tom Mens]
    • 23. Siamak Farshidi and Slinger Jansen; 'Multi-Criteria Decision-Making in Software Production' [Publication Summary; Opponent: Alexander Serebrenik]
    • 24. Zeinab Abou Khalil; 'Configuration Rules Mining For Supporting Variability In Business Process Models' [Position Paper]
  • 16:45 - 17:00 --- Award Ceremony (Session Chair: Ali Parsai)
    • Best presentation award — best question award.
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