Refactor to Understand

Does the "Refactor to Understand" Reengineering Pattern Improve Program Comprehension

version 1.0 (December, 15th 2004)

This page provides links to the experimental material used in the context of the research paper Does the "Refactor to Understand" Reengineering Pattern Improve Program Comprehension. This paper was written by Bart Du Bois, Serge Demeyer and Jan Verelst, and was accepted at the 9th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR 2005).

For further details about the context in which the experiment was performed, we direct the interested reader to the paper itself. After its publication in the CSMR publication, it should be easy to google for the official download at the ieee site.


You will notice that the assignments contain duplicates within the same document, which was done for sparing somewhat on the consumed paper. As the comprehension tasks were to be applied on parts of the Eclipse IDE, we do not provide the complete source code. Rather, we provide the relevant extracts (starting points).


Written by Bart Du Bois, researcher of the Lab On REengineering (LORE)