Embedded Source Code Quality Control seminar

Date Tue, 2011-09-20 (All day)
Location University of Antwerp, campus Middelheim, building G

Software failures are inadmissible in the embedded software industry, especially for safety-critical systems. However, writing high-quality software that operates safely and reliably is very hard. Traditional design postpone tests until the end of the process, which is a recipe for disaster..

Classical testing techniques can only uncover the presence of defects, but not their absence. Moreover, the later a bug is detected, the more costly it is to repair. Today, a wide range of design methods and assisting tools facilitate the software developers’ task to write robust code from the start of the project.

In this seminar, the following topics will be addressed by speakers both from industry and academia: global software quality assurance, static code analysis, MISRA-C source code guidelines and tools, Agile for software quality control and test driven design. We conclude the seminar with an interactive panel discussion in which the experts answer questions from the public.