FOTS LORE Workshop on Evolving Repositories (FLOWER)

Date Mon, 2006-01-23 09:30

First workshop aimed at integrating the tool chain used within the software engineering groups at the University of Antwerp. In the future, this workhop may be opened to researchers from other groups working with related repository technologies. Feel free to contact us if you're interested to participate next year.

Preparation for this meeting may be limited to the creation of a few slides, potentially even a demo of data collection or analysis.

Workshop Schedule

09.30 Workshop Intro
09.40 Who does what
09.40   Olaf MoTMoT framework (PDF)
09.50   Bart DB Qualitative preconditions for refactoring (PDF, PPT)
10.00   Pieter Higher Order Transformations in MoTMoT (PDF)
10.10   Bart VR Modeling test entities
10.20   Matthias C++ to MDR
10.30   Filip CVS reconstruction tool and metamodel
10.40 Break

10.55 Existing collaborations: Brief presentations of the collaborations (focused on joined data production or analysis procedures) which have already taken place, focusing on the benefits of these collaborations.
10.55   Bart DB JDT2MDR and MotMot
11.00   Andy JDT2MDR and coupling measurement

11.05 Future collaborations (brainstorming)
11.05 Intro
11.10 Bart DB and Filip: sharing data w.r.t. coupling and cohesion

11.30 Kickstarting new MoTMoT initiatives
11.30    Discussion on architecture for "C++ to MDR" project
11.45    Discussion on architecture for Bart DB & Filip
12.00 Lessons learnt + Action Points
12.10 End of workshop