Frederik De Bleser

Phd student at the LORE research lab
Research keywords: Generative Design, Data Visualization, Functional Programming

I'm a researcher in the arts at Sint Lucas Antwerpen, studying the link between computers and art. Together with my research team I've created an application called NodeBoxthat allows designers to create 2D graphics (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code. My PhD researches the impact of procedural graphics applications such as NodeBox on graphic designers. Specifically I want to know if designers using this software are:

  • More efficient: can designers produce good designs faster?
  • More comprehensive: can they try out more things before settling on a finished design?
  • More creative: can they produce new things beyond the state of the art?
  • Self-reliant: are they able to help themselves if they get stuck?

You can see the progress of my research at