Accommodating Changing Requirements with {EJB

TitleAccommodating Changing Requirements with {EJB
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsDu Bois, B, Demeyer S
EditorKonstantas, D, Leonard M, Pigneur Y, Patel S
Conference NameProceedings {OOIS}'03 (Object-Oriented Information Systems)

Component Based Software Development promises to lighten the task of web application developers by providing a standard component architecture for building distributed object oriented business applications. Hard evidence consolidating this promise has yet to be provided, especially knowing that the standard libraries of today's programming languages offer considerable support for distribution (e.g. remote method invocations, database interfaces). Therefore, this paper compares three Java implementations of the same functionality - one using straightforward library-calls, one using a custom-made framework and one using the Enterprise Java Beans framework (EJB) - to assess the maintainability of each of the approaches. We perceive that EJB results in better maintainability, concluding that Component Based Software Development is necessary for building websystems that will continue to survive in the context of rapidly changing requirements.