Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
AuthorsMuliawan, O, Meyers B, Janssens D
Workshop Name5th International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools
Place PublishedZürich (Switzerland)
Year of Publication2009

The case of transforming BPMN to BPEL (and back) presents some
interesting challenges. Due to the lack of a meta-model for both formalisms,
we have implemented our own using MDR. Despite the limited
timeframe we were able to implement structured and quasi-structured process
models quite rapidly. The structure of the patterns to be converted is
very suitable for graph transformation techniques, in our case MoTMoT,
based on Story Driven Modeling (SDM). Furthermore, on the one hand,
the emphasis on specific transformation guidelines provides a basis for
graph transformations with control flows. On the other hand, the different
rules presented by the folding algorithm (transform sequence pattern,
transform while pattern, ...) are best scheduled non-deterministically.
Knowing this, modeling such a transformation elegantly turns out to be
quite complex: new language features are useful to successfully model this
in SDM. We explain how we use higher order transformations (HOTs) to
translate these new language features into original SDM constructs in a
platform independent manner.