Composing Textual Modelling Languages in Practice

TitleComposing Textual Modelling Languages in Practice
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
AuthorsMeyers, B, Cicchetti A, Guerra E, de Lara J
Workshop Name6th International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling (MPM'12)
Place PublishedInnsbruck, Austria
Year of Publication2012

Complex systems require descriptions using multiple mod-
elling languages, or languages able to express different con-
cerns, like timing or data dependencies. In this paper, we
propose techniques for the modular definition and composi-
tion of languages, including their abstract, concrete syntax
and semantics. These techniques are based on (meta-)model
templates, where interface elements and requirements for
their connection can be established. We illustrate the ideas
using the MetaDepth textual meta-modelling tool.