Hybrid Rule Scheduling in Story Driven Modeling - A tool-independent approach

TitleHybrid Rule Scheduling in Story Driven Modeling - A tool-independent approach
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
AuthorsMeyers, B
Place PublishedUniversity of Antwerp
Year of Publication2009

Transformation rules can be controlled explicitly using language constructs such as a
loop or a conditional. This approach is realized in Fujaba, VMTS, MOLA and Progres.
Alternatively, transformation rules can be controlled implicitly using a fixed strategy. This
approach is realized in AGG and AToM3. When modeling transformation systems using
one approach exclusively, particular aspects could have been expressed more intuitively
using the other approach. Unfortunately, most transformation languages do not enable
one to model the control of some rules explicitly while leaving the control of other rules
unspecified. Therefore, this thesis proposes a novel integration of implicit scheduling
constructs in Story Diagrams, a language based on explicit scheduling.
It has recently been shown how UML profiles and higher order transformations enable
one to extend transformation languages in a tool independent way. This technique will
be used to produce a tool independent implementation of implicit scheduling in Story
Diagrams. Moreover, this thesis validates the generality of this approach by means of
another case study. This second case study relates to negative application conditions, a
language construct that was already supported by several transformation environments
but no transformation tool realized the construct in a tool independent way yet.