Intensional changes avoid co-evolution!

TitleIntensional changes avoid co-evolution!
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
AuthorsMeyers, B, Ebraert P, Janssens D
Workshop Name7th ECOOP'2010 Workshop on Reflection, AOP and Meta-Data for Software Evolution
Year of Publication2010

Modularization is key to support the maintainability of software
systems. In some cases, however, maintenance requires
certain modules to evolve together. This phenomenon complicates
software maintainability and is commonly referred
to as co-evolution.
In this paper, we tackle co-evolution in the domain of changebased
feature-oriented programming (ChOP). In ChOP, feature
modules – each matching the implementation of one
requirement – are specified as sets of first-class change objects.
Our solution is based on intensional changes: descriptive
changes that are automatically evaluated with respect
to the other feature modules before they are applied. We
present a maintenance scenario and use it to show how intensional
changes avoid co-evolution.