Migrating from a Proprietary RTOS to the OSEK Standard Using a Wrapper

TitleMigrating from a Proprietary RTOS to the OSEK Standard Using a Wrapper
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
AuthorsDenil, J, Demeyer S, Meulenaere P, Maudens K, Stechelman K
Secondary AuthorsConti, M, Orcioni S, Martinez Madrid N, Seepold RED
Workshop NameSolutions on Embedded Systems
PublisherSpringer Netherlands
Year of Publication2011
Publication Languageeng

The drive towards standardization in the automotive sector puts a lot of pressure on software suppliers to comply with standards such as OSEK and AUTOSAR. However, many of these suppliers have a vested interest in proprietary software and are seeking ways to migrate their existing code base to comply with these standards. This paper reports on a feasibility study to migrate an automotive off-highway application to the OSEK-OS using a wrapper around the proprietary real-time operating system (RTOS). Besides investigating whether this is feasible, we also assess the performance impact in terms of computation time and memory consumption, as this is critically important for real-time systems. Finally some pitfalls are given when porting a given application to OSEK-compliant RTOS. As such, we evaluate the typical trade-offs one has to make when adopting an incremental migration strategy towards a standard compliant interface.