Towards an Aspect-oriented Language Module: Aspects for Petri Nets

TitleTowards an Aspect-oriented Language Module: Aspects for Petri Nets
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
AuthorsMolderez, T, Meyers B, Janssens D, Vangheluwe H
Workshop NameProceedings of the seventh workshop on Domain-Specific Aspect Languages
Place PublishedNew York, NY, USA
Year of Publication2012

The concept of composing a (domain-specific) language
from different reusable modules has gained much interest
over the years. The addition of aspect-oriented features to a
language is a suitable candidate of such a module. However,
rather than directly attempting to design an aspect-oriented
language module that is applicable to any base language, this
paper focuses on adding aspect-oriented features to a lan-
guage that is quite different from prevalent base languages
(e.g. Java): Petri nets. A running example demonstrates the
use of aspects to enforce an invariant on a base Petri net.

Keywordsaspect-oriented modelling, language engineering, petri nets