(Tentative) impact in Science of Computer Programming journal

Date Wed, 2011-11-23 (All day)

The article A Framework for Evolution of Modelling Languages is currently among the most downloaded articles (ranked #4, then #3, now #2 - see bottom of post) of the reputed Science of Computer Programming Journal. This illustrates the urgency for support of modelling language evolution in the research area of domain-specific modelling and in particular in the "industrialisation" of domain-specific modelling. The paper is listed in the good company of David Harel's 1987 paper in which he introduces the Statechart formalism that was included several years later in the UML as one of its fourteen languages.

Of course, the number of downloads is at best an unofficial indication for impact of a paper. Yet hopefully more downloads means more people reading the paper, and ultimately more people citing the paper. After all, citations are the true measure of impact.

Below, the list of SCP's most downloaded papers is shown:

Update (25/01/2012): The paper is now ranked third, and is thereby ranked on the Science of Computer Programming main page!

Update (15/02/2012): The paper is now ranked second!