Using Model Transformation to Facilitate Dynamic Context Adaptation

TitleUsing Model Transformation to Facilitate Dynamic Context Adaptation
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
AuthorsDegrandsart, S, Demeyer S, Mens T
Workshop Name2nd International Workshop on Future Trends of Model-Driven Development {FTMDD2010}
Year of Publication2010
Date Publishedjun
Publication Languageeng

The widespread adoption of mobile computing opens the path for more user- centric applications, that need to be continuously and dynamically adapted to different contexts of use. Dealing with such dynamic context adaptation requires a significant amount of effort, due to the high number of contexts that need to be dealt with, as well as the widespread impact that a context change may have. In this article, we propose a change-based approach to context adaptation that reduces the effort and redundancy of dynamic context adaptation through the use of semi-automated and formally specified model transformations. We provide a proof-of-concept using graph transformation, and show how transformation analysis helps to explore the space of reachable contexts.