Social Program

Social Program


Low impact conference.

We have the explicit aim to make the software evolution week a low impact conference. Therefore, all of the catering is supplied by local producers or comes from fair trade organisations. Moreover, we try to reduce the impact of the conference by ordering according to the actual needs of the people present, instead of a gross overestimation based on the number of registrations. Consequently, we asked all registered participants to fill out a questionnaire to preregister for the coffee and lunch breaks they plan to attend.


Lunches will be served in the Albrecht Dùrezaal, the same room where the conference registration is located. Lunches vary depending on the evening programme: sandwiches, pastas, salads, cheese, quiches, ... . 

Monday evening --- Workshop Dinner

The first day of the conference is devoted to workshops. To encourage cross-fertilization between the workshops, we organised a joint workshop dinner on the same monday evening, which is accessible to all participants registered for a workshop. Since the full conference registration includes access to all workshops, this implies that conference participants arriving monday afternoon can also participate in the workshop dinner.

The workshop banquet is set-up as a buffet starting at 19:00 and ending at 22:00.

Tuesday evening --- Poster Reception

The Software Evolution Week is meant to foster discussion, and poster sessions are an ideal vehicle for building up networks in our community. Hence we set-up a series of poster panels in the main conference hall, which will remain on display throughout the conference and should provide food for tought during coffee and lunch breaks. Authors of an early research achievement (ERA), tool demonstration or research project will present their paper in poster form.
As an extra incentive, we reserved an evening in the social programme exclusively devoted to poster presentations. Indeed, on tuesday evening there will be a reception (serving Belgian beers, tasty snacks and a selection of Belgian cheeses) where the posters are at the core of the programme. We hope all of you will take up the opportunity for a "meet and greet".

Wednesday evening --- Guided Tour direction Conference Banquet

The conference banquet itself will be held in a local micro-brewery named "'t Pakhuis" (warehouse) half hour walking distance from the conference venue. The walk there goes straight through the city centre, passing near most of the major sites of the city (city hall, cathedral, ... --- see "Antwerp in 1/2 a day''. While enjoying the walk towards the restaurant and micro-brewery we set-up a guided tour beforehand.

Home brewery `t Pakhuis
Vlaamsekaai 76
2000 Antwerp 

  • Meet at the conference venue (near registration desk) "Hof van Liere'' at 17:45 or come to the courtyard at 18:00.
  • The tour leaves at 18:00 sharp!
  • Arrival at `t Pakhuis at 19:00. 

Directions: at the registration desk + in the back of the brochure)

As an alternative to walking you can use the public transport going with the tram. On the F. ROOSEVELTPLAATS, take tram 12 direction GROENPLAATS and get off at BOLIVARPLAATS or vice versa on the way back. Buying tickets on the tram is possible but it is a lot more expensive, so buy tickets beforehand.


Special Dietary Needs

Special care has been taken to cater for conference participants with special dietary needs (vegetarian, halal, allergies, ...). All buffet will have little signs with the origins and special ingredients of the food being served. Nevertheless, persons with special dietary needs should introduce themselves to the waiters so that they are aware of your situation and may help you.