Tool Track


Tools 1

Tuesday, February 4, 2014, from 15:30 to 17:00 
Session Chairs: Thomas Fritz, Jurgen Vinju

  • Tommaso Dal Sasso and Michele Lanza. 
    in*Bug: Visual Analytics of Bug Repositories 
  • Andre Hora, Anne Etien, Nicolas Anquetil, Stéphane Ducasse and Marco Tulio Valente.
    APIEvolutionMiner: Keeping API Evolution under Control 
  • Xi Ge, David Shepherd, Kostadin Damevski and Emerson Murphy-Hill.
    How the Sando Search Tool Recommends Queries 
  • Coen De Roover and Reinout Stevens.
    Building Development Tools Interactively using the EKEKO Meta-Programming Library 
  • Marcel Heing-Becker, Timo Kamph and Sibylle Schupp. 
    Bit-Error Injection for Software Developers
  • Tibor Bakota, Péter Hegedűs, Gergely Ladányi, István Siket and Rudolf Ferenc.
    QualityGate SourceAudit - A tool for assessing the technical quality of software


Tools 2

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, from 15:30 to 17:00 
Session Chairs: Thomas Fritz, Jurgen Vinju

  • Michael Perscheid and Robert Hirschfeld.
    Follow the Path: Debugging Tools for Test-driven Fault Navigation 
  • Petru F. Mihancea and Marius Minea.
    jModex : Model Extraction for Verifying Security Properties of Web Applications 
  • Mark Hills and Paul Klint.
    PHP AiR: Analyzing PHP Systems with Rascal
  • Xu Li and Laurie Hendren.
    Mc2For Demo: a tool for automatically transforming MATLAB to Fortran95 
  • Loup Meurice and Anthony Cleve 
    Dahlia - A Visual Analyzer of Database Schema Evolution