Internet Access

The organization will provide internet access to all conference participants. 

The bandwidth of the network is limited. Please avoid heavy use (e.g., skype videoconferencing, youtube, heavy downloading) so that all participants can enjoy the network.

WiFi Access Info

You will receive a personal login name and password at the registration desk. With this you will be able to access the wireless network of the University of Antwerp. Please consult the instructions in our "How to connect" document to know the correct settings for your devices.

WiFi Access Info for eduroam Connection

Conference attendees from academic institutions participating in the eduroam initiative (EDUcation ROAMing) can also obtain eduroam access at the wireless Hotspots with the following configuration (more information):

  • SSID : eduroam
  • Auth methode: WPA
  • Encryption: TKIP

OR :

  • SSID : eduroam
  • Auth methode: WPA2
  • Encryption: AES